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over 2 years ago

New: Stream Health Data & Tutorial Recordings Available!

Hi all, 

Happy Friday! A few announcements on some new resources available for this hackathon:

  • Using Benthic Data for your analysis? Stream Health Data has been added to our data hub! (Check out the new Benthic_Stream_Health.csv directly here). This information was calculated using the Chessie BIBI R package, which is specifically calibrated for the regions of the Chesapeake watershed and assesses raw benthic invertebrate sample data to calculate stream health. (You can read more about the algorithm here.) FIPS and HUC12 codes included. 
  • New to Geospatial Data? Check out the recording from our virtual Wrangling Geospatial Data Tutorial on our Resources page (some of the presenters' tutorial materials are also linked.)
  • Miss the Kick-Off? If you missed the Kick-Off call on Monday, Aug. 3, you can see a recording of the call (including breakout sessions with experts on the challenges) as well as the slides for the call on our Resources page.

Finally, join us on Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 5:30pm ET for a virtual panel discussion on Current Issues in the Chesapeake Bay! Our guest speakers will address current policy priorities, microplastics pollution, citizen science for stormwater runoff monitoring, and successful examples of partnerships with the private sector to adapt best management practices. Don't miss out - register for this panel here!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.