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about 3 years ago

Deadline Extension & Accepting Partial Submissions

Thank you for joining Hack the Bay and exploring data around water quality and Chesapeake Bay restoration. 

We have extended the submission deadline until Sunday, September 20 at 8:00am ET to allow participants more time to submit and are accepting complete and partial submissions.

Why submit a project that isn't 'complete'? Hackathons are about sourcing good ideas, and prototypes are just the start of something bigger! We're interested in hearing from you: what would your approach have been to this problem if you'd had more time, resources, data or teammates? Any insights about your process and obstacles are still helpful for our nonprofit partner and the conservation community. 

If you have some work started but not completed, we encourage you to submit what you have (whether you have notes on your ideas or research, or any exploratory data analysis you’ve done or visualizations you’ve made.) And if you’re close to a complete submission, our team is available on Slack, Devpost, and will be on call on Saturday (2-5pm ET) to assist with any technical issues you might have to make sure you’re able to upload your materials.

We’re glad you’re a part of our hackathon and hope this has been a fun and rewarding experience!



The Hack the Bay Team


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.